Why The Cheapest Price Is Not Always The Best Price

When choosing a location to get your cell phone fixed at, there are many deciding factors (cost, distance, time, etc.) to consider. However, after running a local cell phone repair shop in Spring, TX for the last year or so; I can tell you that customers should focus on these key factors instead: the parts used, the warranty period and the experience of tech. When you search and find a repair shop that is (for example) $20-$40 cheaper than the average price for an iPhone 5 cracked screen repair, you should always question why.

Even though the price is cheaper, the type of part being used for the repair is not up to the original manufactures specifications; which can lead to further issues with your phone. Often, cellphone repair shops are able to lower the cost of repairs using refurbished parts. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing in some industries but for cellphone parts it is. Refurbished parts can cause many issues with your device, screens have frequent issues with touch sensitivity, discoloration, bubbles in the screen, adhesive separating from the frame and a wide range of other potential issues rendering your smartphone useless. Another key factor that should be considered is the warranty policy of the shop you decide to go to. The length of the warranty and the reliability of the shop backing the warranty is important to think about. The last thing you want to happen is the part used for your device to have a defect and you have no way to resolve your issue, other than paying for a new repair. The industry average for a warranty on a repair performed is 90 days; and this is what we provide for our customers. While many cellphone repair shops offer the service you need, few have the experience. I have even heard of many places that buy and sell phones; advertise that they perform repairs, only to call us and have us perform the repair for them. Experience is key to troubleshooting and resolving unexpected problems with repairs. You should always be wary of big store names offering repair services (bestbuy, radioshack, etc.), because many of them started offering cellphone repair services to “keep up” with demand for it, and have no real trained techs. If something goes wrong with a repair, guess where they send them? That’s right, to us, or perhaps another repair shop that has technicians that are seasoned at troubleshooting mobile devices. We live in a world where “how to” and “do it yourself” videos and guides can be found with the reach of our fingertips. Just because someone watched a video tutorial on how to perform brain surgery, does not mean they are a brain surgeon. So it is best to find someone who knows what they are doing, rather than someone who “feels” like they could “probably” perform a repair for you. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more to get quality parts, a decent warranty period, and a expert technician.