Is the iPad Pro worth the price?

This past week Apple announced it’s new iPad model, the iPad Pro . At first glance I was not very impressed especially since the initial price was $799 .  However after taking a closer look into the device I think this is a great step forward for the iPad series.


While the price is high,   functionality of the iPad Pro does not fall short.  Apple once again is setting the standard for mobile computing.  In my opinion this new tablet is a specifically geared towards the professional.  A larger screen will allow people to work more efficiently without the eye strain that can sometimes occur when staring at smaller screens for long periods.

Another feature that really caught my eye was that Microsoft has a version of their office software for tablets. Having Microsoft Office for your tablet will make it easier than ever to get your work done while away from your workplace.

If you are a graphic designer or film editor you should be excited about the Apple Pencil.  For the first time ever you can now use an Apple iPad with tools such as Adobe Photoshop and AutoCad for your iPad .

Apple has also upgraded the graphics processor and CPU allowing for streaming of 4k movies without sacrificing any device performance.

Overall I think this is a great step forward for Apple, they are now hitting a market they had not been able to hit before with the Apple Pen. Even though the price is high the iPad Pro is a great buy if you can make use of it’s new features that are not available on previous iPad versions