How to spot a good repair shop

Out of warranty replacements and repairs for your devices be can be expensive. Most people are not comfortable performing a repair own their own; even with the wide availability of parts to buy online (more on that in a bit), so this may leave you looking for a repair company that’s either local to you or accepts mail-ins repairs that can perform the repair for you. In the past few years, many cell phone repair companies have performing iPhone, Samsung, LG and other repairs. Unfortunately, not all of them use quality parts and/or know exactly what they’re doing. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a company to repair you cell phone, tablet or computer.


Research them online: This may or may not be common sense, but one of the first things that you want to do is research the place you are thinking of going to. If they aren’t listed on Yelp! or Google Businesses, it may not be a good sign. Look for an official website, Facebook, or Twitter page and see what other people are saying about them. If you can’t find an online presence, you might want to look for another option. Any credible cell phone repair company should be more than willing to accept their feedback in a public forum where future customers can find it. Finding useful information about a company online is very critical when you’re looking at mailing in a device. Walk-ins allow you to gauge your level of comfort on a face to face basis but mail-ins take that factor away. If you’re thinking about getting a repair done by mail, you should communicate with them on the phone or at the very least, via email, before doing so. If you can’t find a contact phone number and/or physical address, find another service.

Ask where the parts come from.
Don’t hesitate to ask a cellphone repair company what kind of parts they use or where they get them from. While you can find decent quality parts on eBay and Amazon for a decent price, it’s not something that should be done to freely. There are good quality suppliers on there, and there is also very poor quality suppliers as well. Buyers Beware! Suppliers like Cellphonefix USA offer repair companies great deals depending on how many parts they order within any given month. All reputable cell phone repair companies should be more concerned with pushing out better quality parts than saving a few dollars on cheaper screens that fall apart within a month. If they won’t tell you where they get their parts, at least make sure they warranty them for a reasonable amount of time.